(VIDEO) Justin Bieber & Hailey finally spoke up to explain the breakup rumors.

Rumors are circulating about Justin and Hailey Biebers marriage, after the model posted a cryptic message on Instagram.

The lineup for Coachella 2024 has been announced and we have mixed emotions. Plus, Dua Lipa has been spotted making out with her new boo — we’ve got the details!

Amidst the buzz and excitement surrounding the release of the Coachella 2024 lineup, fans found themselves met with a mix of anticipation and disappointment. While headliners like Lana Del Rey, Tyler the Creator, and Doja Cat certainly command attention, some couldn’t help but feel a pang of longing for the star power and blockbuster names of previous years.

Yet, in the midst of this disappointment, there lies a glimmer of hope and excitement. After all, Coachella isn’t just about the headliners—it’s about the entire experience. With VIP tickets in hand, attendees are poised to embark on an unforgettable journey through a world of music, art, and culture.

Sure, the lineup may not have every A-lister and chart-topper imaginable, but therein lies the beauty of Coachella. It’s a place where emerging artists share the stage with established icons, where genres blend seamlessly, and where unexpected collaborations unfold before your eyes.

As fans eagerly await their first taste of Coachella magic, they can’t help but wonder about the rumors swirling around Justin and Hailey Bieber’s relationship. But amidst the speculation, it’s crucial to remember that celebrities are human too, entitled to their privacy and personal lives beyond the glare of the spotlight.

So, while the Coachella 2024 lineup may not have satisfied every expectation, it’s a reminder that the true magic of the festival lies in the journey itself. With an open mind and a sense of adventure, attendees are poised to discover new artists, forge unforgettable memories, and lose themselves in the kaleidoscope of sights and sounds that only Coachella can offer.

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