Travis Kelce Sports Sentimental Friendship Bracelet with a Touch of Taylor Swift Flair During Jason’s Retirement Press Conference – NEWS

HINT – Travis Kelce wears a friendship bracelet with a touching tribute to Taylor Swift during Jason’s retirement press conference.

Travis Kelce is a huge fan of Taylor Swift.

At his brother Jason Kelce’s retirement press conference on Monday, the attractive NFL star, 34, wore a number of friendship bracelets inspired by Taylor Swift, including one dedicated to his significant other.

Keen-eyed Twitter users noticed that Travis appeared to be holding his feelings for Taylor close by wearing a bracelet that read “T T” throughout the sombre occasion.

This nostalgic jewellery was made with little brown, black, and gold beads, a stark contrast to the $6,000 “TNT” diamond friendship bracelet he gave Swift last year.

Travis Kelce attended Jason’s retirement speech.

While the Kansas City Chiefs standout wore two more wristbands, it is unclear what they represented. One etching appears to start “Travis Kelce is a…”

Travis proudly displayed the wristbands as he sought for a tissue to dab his tears during Jason’s moving statement.

Travis, dressed in a color-blocked button-down, sat in the front row with his parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, and his sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce.

Both Kelce brothers were noticeably upset at the news, with Travis trying to hide his tears behind heavy sunglasses.

Travis Kelce’s bracelets during Jason’s retirement speech.

Jason, on the other hand, burst into tears as he took his place on the podium.

During his heartfelt speech, the veteran Philadelphia Eagles centre reflected on his illustrious career, love of Philadelphia, and the impact Travis had on his life.

“It was really my brother and I our whole lives,” Jason explained. “We did almost everything together — competed, fought, laughed, cried, and learned from each other.”

“We devised games and regarded ourselves as famous players at the time. We envisioned making winning plays every day. Before we left the house, we had already won innumerable Super Bowls in our thoughts. And when we weren’t playing, we were attending each other’s games.”

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift

Jason, who spent 13 years in the NFL, was warmly hugged by his younger brother as soon as he got off stage.

While Travis dressed officially for the occasion, Jason, as usual, chose a more casual approach, donning a sleeveless Eagles shirt.

Nonetheless, identical to his younger brother, the renowned centre wore meaningful jewellery to the press conference.

Jason donned a discontinued yellow gold Rolex GMT-Master II with a green dial and a black ceramic bezel, which reflected the Eagles’ colours.

The now-retired NFL player purchased the $50,000 timepiece after the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018.

While Jason acquired the costly watch as a gift from his former squad, it’s unknown where Travis got his bracelets — or whether he made them himself, given that’s how he first drew Swift’s attention.

Alternatively, he may have gotten the personalised jewellery from Swifties while in Sydney last month for one of the “Cruel Summer” singer’s Eras tour shows.

The three-time Super Bowl champion was seen wearing a wrist decorated with multiple friendship bracelets after exchanging them with fans during the occasion.

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