Travis Kelce Feels Pressure To Keep Up With Taylor Swift As She Continues To Break Records

Travis Kelce opened up about how being with someone so successful can be intimidating, and how he puts a lot of pressure on himself.

Lately, whenever Taylor Swift sets foot in a ceremony (or basically anywhere), she makes history. And the 2024 Grammy Awards were no exception. Throughout the night she broke records, announced new material, and dazzled fans all over the world. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Travis Kelce, who couldn’t be by her side due to his very busy schedule, watched the awards from home, and his admiration for her only grew.

Taylor and Travis are arguably the greatest power couple in the world right now, but with the singer making the headlines practically every single day, and bringing attention to him in the process, the NFL player can’t help but feel pressured to keep up with his incredibly successful partner.

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