Taylor Swift only bought this dress so she could take it off. 👗 Click the link for how she effortlessly handled a tech issue during one of her

Taylor Swift References Travis Kelce During New Eras Tour Set

Who’s afraid of a little old wardrobe malfunction?

Certainly not Taylor Swift, who effortlessly handled a tech issue that required her to take off her dress during the acoustic section of her May 19 Eras Tour show in Stockholm, Sweden.

After noting that part of the sound device attached to her outfit had “come undone,” the “Fortnight” singer told the crowd in a video posted to TikTok May 20, “Just talk amongst yourselves.”

Following the instruction, Taylor sat at her piano bench and undid her entire ombré blue wrap dress in an attempt to make adjustments herself, revealing her black-and-gold bedazzled set underneath, which she wore during the previous Tortured Poets Department era of the show. When that didn’t work either, one of her crew members arrived on stage to help her.

Naturally, fans attending the Stockholm concert were surprised by the unexpected dress removal, with one concertgoer heard asking in the clip, “Oh, is she changing?”

Others praised Taylor for being Ms. Perfectly Fine through the whole ordeal, with one TikTok user commenting, “Even when there’s a malfunction she’s adorable.”

Of course, this wasn’t the first mishap that Taylor’s had to shake off since her tour kicked off over a year ago. Back in February, the 34-year-old almost took a tumble off one of the set builds during a stop in Tokyo.

“I almost fell off the Folklore cabin,” Taylor said after finishing her Feb. 9 performance of “The 1.” “But I didn’t and that’s the lesson.”

Quipping that her “life flashed before my eyes,” the Grammy winner jokingly added, “No, I’m good. Everything’s fine, everything’s great.”

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