Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrated Easter Sunday with Jason and Kylie at their Pennsylvania home!!! đŸ„°

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce took a cross-country hop to spend Easter Sunday with Jason and Kylie and their family at their home in Pennsylvania.

And Swift took another step into the heart of the Kelce clan as, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal, Kelce’s adorable nieces, Bennie, 1, Elliotte, 3 and Wyatt, 4, were introduced to their Auntie Tay for the first time.

Kelce, also 34, and his Pennsylvania-born pop princess jetted in from Los Angeles Sunday morning for the flying visit to Jason’s home in the upscale enclave of Haverford Township just nine miles outside Philadelphia city center.

Exclusive images obtained by DailyMail.com show their car parked in the driveway of Jason’s charming stone home which has a wraparound deck and is set on an acre of landscaped gardens complete with large patio and swimming pool.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce took a cross-country hop to spend Easter Sunday with brother Jason, wife Kylie and their family at their home in Pennsylvania

Kelce and Swift no doubt took part in the family’s annual Easter egg hunt – an Easter tradition that Swift has always enthusiastically embraced.

In 2015, then 25, Swift posted a 29-second video to her Instagram account in which she could be seen scrambling around her parents’ yard, fighting with younger brother Austin, 23, in a fierce bid to find more Easter eggs than him.

She posted it with the captioned: ‘When your parents arrange a competitive sibling Easter egg hunt failing to take into account that their children are Ross and Monica,’ a reference to the characters on Friends.

Nicki Minaj Offers Advice to Taylor Swift: Embrace Happiness with Travis Kelce, Disregard Haters, and Live Your Own Life

In a heartfelt message, Nicki Minaj extends words of advice and support to Taylor Swift. With genuine care, she encourages Swift to hold onto her happiness with Travis Kelce and disregard the opinions of haters. Minaj emphasizes that Swift should prioritize living her own life, free from the influence of negativity.Minaj recognizes the significance of finding joy and contentment in a relationship and urges Swift not to let the judgments of others detract from her happiness. She emphasizes the importance of valuing one’s own well-being and following one’s heart, regardless of outside voices.

The message serves as a reminder that life is too short to be consumed by the opinions and criticisms of others. Minaj’s words encourage Swift to stay true to herself, embrace the love she has found, and live her life on her own terms.

With this heartfelt advice, Minaj supports Swift’s pursuit of happiness and reminds her to focus on the positive aspects of her relationship with Kelce, rather than allowing negativity to overshadow their connection.

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