‘She’s perfect’, Benny Blanco breaks silence on dating Selena Gomez

American record producer Benny Blanco has finally addressed his relationship with singer-songwriter Selena Gomez. Just days ago the Wolves singer made her relationship public via a social media comment.

Although Gomez faced backlash for dating Blanco due to his close association with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, the 31-year-old singer says she feels “safe” with him. In a recent Instagram video, Blanco, 35, gushed over his new girlfriend.

Benny Blanco addresses Selena Gomez romance

Blanco recently shared a video on Instagram, in which he made crab cakes alongside chef Olivia Tiedemann. He followed the recipe from his new cookbook Open Wide. In the video, as the duo made the preparations for crab cakes, Olivia made a comment about his new girlfriend.

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco Cuddle Up in Adorable New Photo | Us Weekly

“We’ve all heard the news you have a super hot girlfriend,” she said. To this, Blanco replied, “We’re not talking about that.” However, he then acknowledged his relationship with Gomez, saying “She’s perfect.” This comes days after the Heart Wants What It Wants singer announced her relationship with Blanco.

Selena Gomez Confirms Relationship With Producer Benny Blanco While Simultaneously Shading Her Exes | Glamour

Selena Gomez reveals she’s dating Benny Blanco

After making her relationship with Blanco public, Gomez shared some adorable pictures featuring the music producer on her Instagram story. She also shared a picture of her hand, showcasing a ring with the initial B.

According to Elle, a source close to Gomez said, “She feels so safe and secure with him, so she felt like it was a good time to share how happy she is with her fans.”

“Benny is a great communicator, is honest and open with Selena, and listens to her. He’s respectful, isn’t a player, and not in it for the attention or fame. He doesn’t care about any of that and Selena sees that and really trusts him,” the source added.

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