Selena Gomez’s Response to Hailey Bieber’s Birthday Shade Sparks Online Conversation

Selena Gomez has responded to Hailey Bieber’s apparent shade towards her on her birthday. The American actress and singer took to her Instagram stories to share her reaction to the incident.

It all began when social media users noticed that Hailey Bieber had seemingly avoided acknowledging Gomez’s birthday on social media. This sparked speculation about a potential feud between the two women, as Gomez used to date Justin Bieber, who is now married to Hailey.

However, Gomez was quick to address the situation and put an end to any rumors of animosity. She shared a screenshot on her Instagram stories, featuring a tweet by the popular Instagram account, “Pop Crave.

” The tweet read, “Selena Gomez celebrates her birthday on Instagram and seemingly addresses potential shade from Hailey Bieber via her Instagram Story: “I am so grateful for the response of the song. However, I will never stand for women tearing women down. So, please be kind to everyone” (sic).

By sharing this tweet, Gomez made it clear that she didn’t appreciate any negative remarks or attempts to create tension between her and Hailey. Instead, she emphasized the importance of supporting and uplifting women, rather than tearing them down.

This response reflects Gomez’s previous statements about the importance of female empowerment and supporting one another.

In the past, she has been a vocal advocate for women’s rights and has used her platform to speak out against cyberbullying and body shaming.

In the screenshot, Gomez also mentioned her gratitude for the positive response to her latest song. Although she didn’t explicitly mention which song she was referring to, it’s likely that she was talking about her new single, “Lose You to Love Me,” which has been widely praised for its emotional and raw lyrics.

While Hailey Bieber hasn’t publicly addressed Selena Gomez’s response, it seems that the situation has been resolved. Gomez’s message serves as a reminder to focus on kindness and support, rather than stirring up unnecessary drama or pitting women against each other.

Overall, Selena Gomez’s reaction to Hailey Bieber’s perceived shade on her birthday emphasizes the importance of female solidarity and kindness. Gomez’s stance against tearing women down showcases her commitment to empowering and supporting women, and urges others to do the same.

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