[Photo] Noah Cyrus’s life is currently full of controversy, as are her outfits. She is trying to ‘copy’ Bianca Censori’s style, fans say as they joke singer looks like Kanye West’s ‘new muse’.

Noah Cyrus is trying to ‘copy’ Bianca Censori’s style, fans say as they joke singer looks like Kanye West’s ‘new muse’

NOAH Cyrus’ newfound love of NSFW outfits has been compared by fans to Bianca Censori.

And just like Kanye West’s wife, Noah’s family life is currently full of controversy.

Noah Cyrus has embraced a darker style since last year

Noah Cyrus has embraced a darker style since last yearCredit: Getty

She is now being compared to Kanye West's wife, Bianca Censori

She is now being compared to Kanye West’s wife, Bianca CensoriCredit: Instagram/ ARKANGEL
Noah has taken her older sister Miley’s affection for nearly nude outfits to another level.

The 24-year-old has been raising eyebrows with her new looks since last year, when she first debuted her makeover.

In April 2023, American Idol fans claimed the singer looked unrecognizable when she appeared as a guest mentor on the show.

Later, while making her rounds at Paris Fashion Week, Noah dressed in all black for the Yohji Yamamoto Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 show.

The ensemble was so sheer that it was clear the Ponyo voice actress was braless.

Noah’s nipples peeked through her pantsuit, almost stealing the attention away from her face.


Late last year, Noah entered her goth stage in an Instagram post that showed her rocking a much darker aesthetic.

She wore a long black sleeveless dress that fell past her feet.

She kicked off this year modeling a matching shirt and pants combo for a fashion designer called Prototypes.

The top half, which cut above her midriff, featured long sleeves along with repeated shout outs to the label.

Noah Cyrus’ fans spot more major changes in her appearance after she shocks fans with unrecognizable new look
The bottoms looked like someone sliced the top off a pair of jeans.

And that’s when she even bothers to wear clothes.

In November, Noah was seen posing and running around a wooded area naked in the middle of the night.

The Make Me singer wore only a ruffled blue thong, leaving her midsection and chest exposed as she covered up with her hands.

Noah's fashion choices have startled fans

Noah’s fashion choices have startled fansCredit: Getty

Fans are taking notice of her more risque wardrobe

Fans are taking notice of her more risque wardrobeCredit: Instagram/noahcyrus
Some pics showed the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus holding her hands in a prayer position in front of her, while others showed her full bottom as she was seen in motion from behind.


Noah’s nearly naked look has raised concerns from fans, who discussed the Bianca comparisons in a Reddit thread.

Censori is not shy about showing skin.

“Miley Cyrus sister (is) dressed like Kanye’s wife,” one person wrote, kicking off the discussion.

“What is going on with the world?” someone responded, as another slammed, “These people are gross try-hards.”

“I never thought I was a prude, but I am pretty tired of seeing everyone’s full on breasts all the time in fashion,” one person lamented.

“It’s sad the crap some of these ppl will do just so someone notices them,” a final person commented. “(Noah) is going to keep doing stuff like this bc literally nobody cares about her or what she is doing, and she lives in her sister’s shadow.”


But Noah’s recent family scandal has shown people do care about what she is doing.

The entire Cyrus family has faced shocking claims that Noah’s mother Tish reportedly “stole” her husband, Dominic Purcell from her daughter.

Tish, 56, has been married to Dominic, 54, since August 2023.

According to Tish, Dominic messaged her on Instagram in 2016, but she didn’t respond.

The star then followed up in 2022, following her divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus.

However, a source came forward and said that Noah was in fact dating Dominic before the pair started getting to know each other.

“Noah was [seeing] Dominic when Tish started pursuing him,” a source told Us Weekly.

The source also said that Tish was aware of the situation before deciding to pursue him.

“The turmoil between Noah and Tish goes far beyond [what people think],” said the source.

“Noah is very distraught over Tish stealing Dominic from her.”

Noah has been wearing increasingly see-through outfits

Noah has been wearing increasingly see-through outfitsCredit: Getty

Noah is the younger sister of Miley

Noah is the younger sister of MileyCredit: Getty

Noah and her mom are engrossed in a family dispute

Noah and her mom are engrossed in a family disputeCredit: Getty

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