NFL BREAKING NEWS: NFL Fans Went Berserk Over What Peyton Manning Said About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has taken the NFL by storm over the last couple of weeks.

She’s been at the last two Kansas City Chiefs games, including the one at MetLife Stadium on Sunday night, to watch Travis Kelce since the two are rumored to be dating.

There was also a game at MetLife on Monday night when the New York Giants hosted the Seattle Seahawks. It led Eli Manning on the “Manningcast” to wonder if she was there before his brother Peyton clapped back with a hilarious joke.

“If she was at this game, she left,” Manning said.

That statement came right at the end of the first half when the Giants were playing badly.

Things then got worse in the second half as the Giants didn’t score any points and lost 24-3. They now have a 1-3 record.

Despite the loss, fans loved Manning’s statement.

“This is the correct way to invoke Taylor Swift’s name at a Giants game,” another tweet read.

Who knows, maybe Swift will be at the next Chiefs game against the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday.

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