Kendrick Lamar’s ” Not Like Us ” is the fastest track to reach Platinum eligibility in this year ( All Genres )

The dust appears to have settled on the great rap feud of 2024 as neither Kendrick Lamar nor Drake have released new tracks since the latter’s apparent white flag, “The Heart Pt. 6,” on Sunday.

The lyrical fight saw six songs in which Drake alleged Lamar committed domestic violence and Lamar alleged that Drake is a pedophile, on top of questioning the authenticity of his use of Black culture.

The fast pace and salacious nature of the feud lead to an explosion of chatter on social media (to say nothing of the clarion call of haters that is the “BBL Drizzy” beat by Metro Boomin) leading one commentor to wonder if musical beef would be as prominent in genres outside of rap.

Beefs don’t work in any other genre. Can you imagine 21 pilots and imagine dragons writing diss tracks about each other

— Yo Gabapentin (@SomeTweeter420) May 5, 2024

While the direct nature of the genre – as well as real life impacts of some beefs, including the deaths of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur during the East Coast/West Coast beef of the 1990’s – may lead some to think that rap is the best venue for lyrical hate, diss tracks have been dropped in all sections of the record store.

Beef has long been on the menu for musicians as singers and songwriters have used their art to disrespect others since the rise of popular music.

Here are some of the best beefs outside of rap.

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