Kanye West Ripped Cardi B Back in 2018 … She’s Not Taking It Personally

Kanye West didn’t bite his tongue while lashing into Cardi B during her monster 2018 come-up … as seen in leaked footage from an unreleased documentary that’s currently burning up the internet!!!

In the clips, Ye was also adamant Kris Jenner’s longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble is a CIA agent who tied Cardi into an alleged new world that conflicted with his existing allegiances. Yeah, this is out there, so buckle up.

Ye ranted, “Cardi B is a plant by the Illuminati. She don’t write her raps. She just there to sound as ignorant as possible and then make songs like, ‘f*** them and get some money.’ She has literally replaced Nicki Minaj, purposely that they put her there, and now she doesn’t know what to do, and she has no idea what the fuck is going on. She thinks it’s just a blessing from the universe. It ain’t no blessing from the universe!!!”

In 2018, Cardi dropped her one and only solo album … the historic “Invasion of Privacy” which spawned 2 Diamond singles and also saw her feud with Nicki nearly come to blows … but seasons change just like people’s feelings sometimes and Cardi appears to be letting bygones be just that.

As the clip spread on social media, Cardi opted to NOT bark back … she posted a heart emoji with a clip from Ye’s 2022 interview with Jason Lee on “Hollywood Unlocked” where Ye praised her outspokenness and gushed over having the privilege of recording a song with her — the 2022 track “Hot Sh*t” with Lil Durk.

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