Justin Bieber’s Dating History: 21 A-Listers Who Called The Pop Star Their ‘Boyfriend’

Justin Bieber has been a ladies’ man through and through. Even though the pop sensation got hitched at the tender age of 24, Bieber has had a dating history that boasts of 21 ex-girlfriends, all A-listers.

Besides a dozen Victoria’s Secret models and the Kardashian sisters, his love journey takes us on a rollercoaster ride through an on-and-off romance with the one and only Selena Gomez. Currently riding the waves of marital bliss with his sweetheart, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, the Yummy singer’s evolution from playing the field as a teen to settling down is nothing short of a blockbuster romcom.

Yes, before Hailey took centre stage in Justin’s heart, this heartthrob had his fair share of high-profile flings. Are you ready to delve into the intricacies of Justin Bieber‘s dating history? Here’s a breakdown of the timeline of all his relationships.

Take a look at Justin Bieber’s list of ex-girlfriends to decode his dating historyJustin Bieber dating history

The first notable name to go down in Justin Bieber’s rather colourful dating history is Instagram star Caitlin Beadles. In 2008, a 14-year-old Bieber encountered Beadles at a church in Atlanta while working as Usher’s protégé. Both of them shared a deep dedication to their religious beliefs, something which is still apparent in Caitlin’s Instagram bio. It reads ‘Ambassador for Christ ’.

Unfortunately, the couple parted ways due to the challenges posed by Bieber’s burgeoning fame and demanding touring schedule. Speculations suggest that his 2010 hit Never Let You Go, from the album My World 2.0, is inspired by his experiences with Beadles. Despite things going south, the two reunited for Thanksgiving, a heartwarming moment captured by Christian Beadles, Caitlin’s sibling, who was also a close friend of Justin’s. He shared a picture with the caption, “So thankful for my brother and sister this Thanksgiving.”

Love, faith, and the trials of fame mark this very first chapter in Bieber’s dating life.

From January to September 2010, Justin Bieber had a brief romance with his My World Tour partner, Jasmine Villegas. Described by Villegas as a “little kid thing” akin to “puppy love”, their nine-month relationship began when Bieber asked for her phone number, leading to a connection that unfolded amid the whirlwind of Bieber’s rising stardom.

Their association reached a milestone when Villegas was featured in Bieber’s iconic Baby music video in April 2010, amassing an impressive 1.9 billion YouTube views. However, their romance faced challenges from disapproving fans at concerts, with Villegas acknowledging the occasional negative reactions from the audience.

Amidst the pressure, the couple decided to part ways amicably, opting to remain friends.

Following Justin’s break-up with Jasmine, he sought solace in another fellow singer, Jessica Jarrel. While Bieber insisted that Jarrell and him were just friends at the time, their PDA let the secret out.

The two reportedly had a fling with things getting pretty frisky between them, especially after their touchy-feely on-stage performance of Overboard in 2010, which garnered much media attention.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s whirlwind romance defined a whole generation of pop news. Their eight-year-long on-and-off relationship has been nothing short of iconic. The two first met on a ‘pancake’ date at IHOP in Philadelphia in 2010. Soon, this casual date laid the foundation for a serious two-year relationship filled with more cosy dates, red-carpet spottings, a private Titanic screening at Staples Center and a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift – a “J” diamond ring.

‘Jelena’ had officially arrived as a power couple. However, two years into the relationship, their love story faced a twist, leading to their first separation in 2012. Blaming their break-up on other girls and Bieber’s behavioural issues, the Disney star called it quits. As per media speculations, it is believed that Justin cheated on Selena with his current wife, Hailey.

Two years after their first headline-worthy breakup, Bieber and Gomez got back together in 2014. However, they split again in November of the same year. The Rare Beauty entrepreneur struck up a brief romance with DJ Zedd after that.

However, it was only a matter of time before Justin and Selena rekindled their romance. Their third reunion unfolded from November 2017 to March 2018. After a social media journey down memory lane and cryptic tweets during their time apart, the duo sparked a Twitter frenzy by taking a bike ride together in Los Angeles. The reunion garnered reactions not only from fans but also from the stars’ mothers. Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, expressed her support for Gomez, stating, “I support anything [he does], if he loves her I love her.” In contrast, Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefy, admitted she was “not happy” about the reunion. Despite Gomez posting a birthday tribute for Bieber, expressing admiration, family opinions played a role in their second official split, marking the end of the most important chapter in Justin Bieber’s dating history.

Within months of splitting, Bieber reconnected again with Baldwin, but not for a mere rebound. The two soon got engaged, and the news prompted a lot of social media drama in Hollywood. What followed was Gomez’s iconic breakup song Lose You to Love Me.

Looking back on their relationship years later, Gomez in her Apple TV+ documentary My Mind & Me, said that her breakup with Bieber was “the best thing” that ever happened to her.

Following his first break-up with Selena Gomez in November 2012, Justin briefly got romantically involved with the Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. Following one of Palvin’s hows, the two took their interaction to the next level by attending a Broadway performance of The Lion King. Despite Palvin denying any serious dating rumours, the public outing seemed to mark a turning point in Bieber’s relationship with Gomez at that time.

The encounter added another layer to Bieber’s romantic narrative, showcasing the intricacies of love in the spotlight.

Bieber got lucky with more than one Victoria’s Secret model in 2012. Speculations were rife that Bieber and Miranda Kerr had a post-show hookup, accompanied by flirty text messages and cheek kisses, despite Kerr being married to Orlando Bloom at the time.

Kerr swiftly denied these rumours, dispelling any notions of a romantic entanglement with the pop star. However, the gossip persisted, leading to a heated confrontation between Bloom and Bieber in Ibiza in July 2014. This clash occurred a year after Kerr’s divorce from the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, fanning the rumours further and highlighting the complexities of celebrity relationships in the public eye.


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