Justin Bieber with Selena and Hailey Bieber 💕😍

Feud or no feud? For the longest time, many of us were led to assume that Selena Gomez, 30, and Hailey Bieber, 25, had an ongoing rift due to Hailey’s husband and Gomez’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, 28.

But four years later, the non-existent love triangle has diffused and the girls have finally addressed it, showing that there seems to be no bad blood between them.

On October 15, Gomez and Hailey were photographed posing and hugging each other at the Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles. Photographer Tyrell Hampton captured the iconic moment and captioned it “plot twist”.

But said feud didn’t seem like a ridiculous assumption either, considering Gomez dated Hailey’s current husband, pop star Justin, on and off for eight years (2010-2018). In a surprising move at the time, Hailey and Justin got married within months of his break-up from Gomez, raising eyebrows among fans.

Earlier this month, Hailey addressed the rumours about Justin’s alleged infidelity, which she emphatically denied. “When he and I started hooking up or anything of that sort, he was not ever in a relationship ever, at any point. It’s not in my character to mess with someone’s relationship,” she said on an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast.

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