Justin Bieber with his beautiful hair style 🔥

Are you a true Belieber?

We know that we are, and one thing we have loved most throughout his career, other than his soft vocals, is his hairstyles.

Bieber has sported various cool haircuts ever since his debut, and every single style has been received with swoons and gleaming eyes by his adoring fans. Justin Bieber knows how to work with variety, whether in his music genres, outfits, or haircuts.

One thing is for sure; the famous Baby singer has been a style icon, inspiring many people to sport cool hairstyles with confidence.

So, if you are one of those who have been in awe of Bieber’s hairstyles and want to rock a ‘do like him, here are the best Justin Bieber haircuts for inspiration.

Let’s check out Justin Bieber’s hair evolution throughout the years.

Our Top Favorite Justin Bieber Haircuts

From cute bowl cuts to sexy quiffs, Justin Bieber’s hairstyles can give you ideas for several occasions. We have gathered some of his styles that are easy to sport and are good for any occasion, any season, any time of the day. Here are our top favorite Justin Bieber haircuts that you can try too!

1. Bowl Cut from the 2000s

This is probably the one hairstyle that the Prince of Pop is most famous for. In fact, people have associated this hairstyle with the star himself. At the time of his debut, Justin Bieber was seen in this bowl cut which people have now named the “Justin Bieber style.”

This hairstyle is easy to achieve for those with long hair, just brush it forward and set it in swooping waves.

2. Teenage Trump With A Trim.

As the One Time star grew into his teenage years, he shed the young boy bowl cut and trimmed his hair to a tousled look. This gave him the soft, boy next door look, complimenting his youthfulness beautifully. This haircut is the perfect mix of cleaned-up and carefree, so if that is the kind of look you are aiming at, this hairstyle can be the right choice for you.

3. When Things Got Shorter & Hotter

Justin Bieber introduced a shorter and definitely hotter haircut around the release of his album “Believe.” His fans welcomed the haircut warmly, with the style seen sported by many people of varying ages. This hairstyle is a good pick for the casual and laid-back look, with just a brush upwards doing the job.

4. The Blond Reveal

This is one of his dramatic changes. Justin Bieber revealed his transition from dirty blonde to golden blonde with a much older look. As he aged beautifully, his hair transformation went through gorgeous stages too. This blonde swoop on the front gave him an edgy look, so try out this hairstyle if you also wish for something to add an edge to your looks!

5. The Famous Bandana

What’s a musician without their bandana era? Justin Bieber rocked that classic, vintage look with grown-out hair wrapped in a bandana around his forehead. This hairstyle is pretty easy to achieve and a hassle-free idea for those with longer hair. All you have to do for this ‘do is push your hair back slightly, wrap a bandana around your forehead, and let the hair fall over it.

6. Pretty in Pink

Every celebrity has that phase when they dye their hair a bright color. It seems that Justin Bieber was not immune to that phase either. He debuted his drastic change with a pop of bright pink in his hair, which seems like a pretty cool summer hairstyle. And if you are also looking to turn heads with a sudden change, take inspiration from Mr.Bieber here and go for a dash of pink in your hair.

7. Long, Hot, Blond Locks

It seems that once Bieber started growing his hair out, he grew quite fond of the idea and grew his hair out longer. He worked the long hairdo with a trim to one side, and the long locks swept to one side. This is also a wonderful choice for those with long hair who like it a little messy.

8. Comb It Back Like A Gentleman

There are events when you need to keep your hair neat and proper, and Justin Bieber owned the fancy look with his hair combed back sleekly. This is a go-to, effortless hairstyle for formal events. All it requires is hair gel or wax and combing your hair back.

9. The Buzzing Buzz Cut

When the scorching summers get the best of you, getting a buzzcut becomes a very appealing idea. It seems that Justin Bieber had the same thought and shaved his hair to a buzzcut which looked undoubtedly sexy on him. So, if you are looking for a zero-effort haircut this summer, go for this neat buzz cut like Bieber.

10. Almost Bald

There’s a buzz cut level short, then there’s the almost bald level short, and Justin Bieber looked hot in both. He got his hair shaved to an almost bald level, and it looked great on him, so why shouldn’t you go for it? Shave your head very closely and rock that summer ‘do without a worry.


What’s the most popular Justin Bieber Haircut to date?

Bowl Cut

Though the King of Teen Pop, as said by journalists, has sported many hairstyles throughout his career, it is safe to say that his teenage bowl cut has been his most popular haircut to date. The reason for that is probably one of his earliest songs, Baby, with which he was launched into the music industry.

At the time of his debut, Justin Bieber had this cute, swooped bowl haircut that people still remember him by. In fact, many people refer to this style as the “Justin Bieber haircut.”

Do Hair Colors Like Justin’s Damage Hair?

Any hair dyes that contain ammonia can cause damage to your hair. Therefore, if Justin Bieber is your style idol and you wish to dye your hair like his, it is best to choose a good quality, ammonia-free hair dye. After the dye, make sure to give your hair lots of love with nutrition from oiling and good quality hair conditioner and shampoo. Taking care of your hair will save it from any damage even after dyeing it.


And there you have it! Here is a list of the ten best Justin Bieber hairstyles that you can copy for a stylish and cool appearance. When in doubt, you can always turn to the Beauty and A Beat pop star for inspiration and pick from his versatile styles.



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