Justin Bieber quit drugs because he felt like he was dying

In the latest episode of the documentary series “Justin Bieber: Seasons” broadcast on YouTube Premium (pay to watch), the male singer said that he initially used drugs as an escape from the overwhelming stage glory. early in my life.

Justin Bieber admits drug addiction was so intense he felt like he was ' dying' - Daily Star


Like many young stars who have had psychological problems because they became famous too early, Justin Bieber said he smoked marijuana at the age of 13. After becoming addicted, he started drinking “lean” – a purple drink that causes hallucinations. In addition, this singer also used ecstasy, “magic” mushrooms…

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Justin Bieber became successful at a young age, and like many other child stars, he also turned to drugs to combat psychological crises and escape stage glory.

“That’s my way of escaping reality. I’m still too young, don’t have much experience standing in front of the camera, being scrutinized at many different levels” – Justin Bieber said. He constantly gets into legal trouble with actions that are considered wrong, rebellious, and extreme. The public’s judgment is also a great pressure that makes him confused, start to fall, and do many wrong things.

“Really, I have no life skills. My parents did not teach these skills or how to be a good person” – Justin Bieber confided. He decided to sober up and stay away from drugs because he felt like he was about to die and wasting away. People around him did not know that his addiction was very serious and thought the singer was overdoing it, but it was really bad at the time.

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Justin Bieber spent many years struggling with all kinds of drugs

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He regained consciousness and decided to stay away from drugs because he saw that he was slowly dying

“I felt like I was going to die. I prayed to God to help me overcome my addiction” – Justin Bieber said. This singer makes efforts to detox, undergo psychological treatment and many other activities to stay away from drugs.

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Hailey Bieber is currently the male singer’s life partner and spiritual support

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Currently, Justin Bieber is married to model Hailey Bieber, receiving great emotional support from her and her family. This singer bought a high-pressure oxygen chamber in his home to relieve psychological stress when needed and used NAD IV (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) to help detoxify the body after detoxification.

The singer’s wife said that for people who have had drug problems, when they regain consciousness, the pleasure centers in the brain do not work the same way. NAD is responsible for helping to repair and balance the activity of these pleasure centers.

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