Justin Bieber hugs his face in love in an excerpt of his new song

The Redemption of Justin Bieber | GQ

Excerpt from the introduction (teaser) of the song called “I’ll show you”, in a series of “heartbroken” songs that Justin Bieber performed after breaking up with Selena Gomez such as “What do you mean?” and “Sorry”.

Image of Justin in the just released teaser – Photo: Instagram

Released on Justin Bieber’s Instagram account on November 1, the “I’ll show you” teaser is short but enough to make female fans sob because of its student image, immersed in pain and regret. of the singer.

Besides, the teaser was also praised for portraying the beautiful and majestic images of waterfalls, rocky edges or vast prairies. The beautiful scenery blends in with the soft, reserved sound of Justin’s expressive voice, which has become his trademark.

Within just a few hours of appearing online, this teaser “caused a storm” when attracting nearly 900,000 likes and more than 40,000 comments.

Justin Bieber is in the spotlight when he is about to release a new album. Photo: MTV.

It is known that this song will be included in Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose” released on November 13, at the same time as One Direction’s “Made in the AM”.

This album marks the memorable return of the pop prince when the title song “What do you mean?” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in mid-September 2015.

This is the first time in his career that Justin Bieber has had a song reach number one in the US. Previously, the song “Where are you now” that the male singer collaborated with DJ Skrillex and Diplo also reached the top 10 charts.

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