Justin Bieber Faces Backlash for Politely Asking Fans to Stop Screaming

During a recent concert at the Birmingham Barclaycard Arena taking place on Monday evening, October 17 (local time), Justin Bieber had to ask fans to stop screaming while he was singing and speaking on stage.

SEE IT: Justin Bieber asks 'obnoxious' fans to stop screaming at his  concert – New York Daily News

“Guys, can you do this for me? Please calm down, it only takes 2 seconds. Thank you,” Justin stopped mid-sentence while confiding in the fans because the shouting was too loud. loud enough to drown out his voice. But as soon as Justin continued speaking, the screams rang out again (just because the fans were so crazy about Justin). “I understand, I understand. I’m only standing more than half a meter away from you, I can hear you. I appreciate it, I appreciate your feelings, it’s wonderful. But can you express it in another way? Screaming is really not pleasant at all.”

Gently asking fans to stop screaming, Justin Bieber was rudely cursed - Photo 1.

Still with a slow, gentle voice, Justin suggested to fans to scream when the song ended and not “turn the volume up all the way” while he was speaking because it made him feel like he was sometimes not heard: “Can we scream after the song ends? Enjoy the song and then scream, scream, it’s very, very fun… If when I’m talking, you don’t scream, then Is that possible? Can you do that?”.

But an audience member named Amanda Boland criticized Justin, saying that he had a “disrespectful” attitude toward fans when he dared to say that: “I really feel that Justin doesn’t respect his fans at all. No. not for us but for the young girls who lined up to be in the front row. We recorded the fans screaming because we felt like we had never had a concert where this sound was so loud. like that, and what we got, surprisingly, was Bieber complaining about fans standing only “half a meter” away from him and that they should find another way to express their emotions!” .

However, it seems that the female fans mentioned above are only a minority because many people later spoke up to defend Justin, saying that in the fancam, the male singer was not rude or disrespectful to his fans.

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