Icewear Vezzo Tells Benzino to Back Off and Refuses to Go Against Eminem

The Detroit rapper responded to Benzino, who tried to drag him into the war with Eminem.

Yesterday, Benzino dropped the second Eminem diss track in four days. Among many aggressive jabs he made in the verse, one stood out. Benzino called Em out for allegedly not showing enough love to his hometown of Detroit. He supported his claims by name-dropping Icewear Vezzo, who recently criticized Em on this particular matter [although that beef has been recently squashed]:

You won’t even come outside, you won’t even see your town
Icewear Vezzo said that Em don’t be showin’ the city love

Why you ain’t got no words for him? he in your city bruh
I wonder why, we wanna see. just say something please

Well, Icewear Vezzo probably woke up to a storm the other day, and he has something to say to Benzino. The Detroit rapper uploaded a video on his Instagram stories to tell Benzino:

I don’t think it makes sense that you brought me up in that diss song for a few reasons. Number one, I don’t second nothing you said. Number two, I’m never going against the nigga from my city. For a nigga from another city. We don’t move like that. I think you’ve got the wrong impression of Detroit, Michigan and of who I am. I don’t work like that. Plus, on top of that, [Eminem] ain’t got to make no diss or say something back to me ‘cause I don’t disrespect or discredit who he is. I’m a real nigga. What he did might not never get done again. Homs is in the top 5 lyricists, dead or alive, flat out. That shit is not even arguable or debatable. And he put niggas on from his era. I be speaking my era. Most importantly, again, we ain’t moving like that. I don’t go against the bruh.

And this is true. While Vezzo, and many other Detroit rappers, might want Eminem to be more involved in the scene, their respect and appreciation do not depend on how outgoing Marshall is. Vezzo met Eminem, they shook hands, it’s all love.

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