Charles Barklᴇy defeɴds Tᴀylor Swift: You’re a looser ɪf you say she ruined the NFL

Bob Costas, who was a guest on the former NBA star’s CNN show also chimed in on the pop singer

Taylor Swift has been at the center of conspiracy theories regarding the NFL and the upcoming presidential electionInstagram

Taylor Swift, who often graces the screens during Kansas City Chiefs games to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, has become the target of bizarre conspiracy theories circulating in a particular corner of the internet.

As the NFL gears up for Super Bowl LVIII, the rumors surrounding Swift’s alleged involvement in game rigging and political endorsements have gained traction.

The unfounded claims range from her influencing the U.S. government to suggestions that the NFL is orchestrating victories for the Chiefs to boost Swift’s profile.

Taylor Swift has been at the center of conspiracy theories regarding...

Bob Costas & Charles Barkley chime in on Taylor Swift drama

Legendary commentator Bob Costas recently took aim at FOX News for its criticism of Swift, particularly highlighting the network’s less-than-friendly stance towards her.

Speaking on Charles Barkley’sCNN program, “King Charles,”Costas suggested a hypothetical scenario: “So, for people all of a sudden because they don’t like something about Taylor Swift. Either they don’t like the Chiefs or they’ve inferred that Taylor Swift might not be a Trumper. Then they’re annoyed by Taylor Swift. I can guarantee you, that all this news at Fox News would not be happening if she was wearing a MAGA hat. They would love it.”

Charles Barkley, no stranger to expressing his candid opinions, joined the conversation on “King Charles.”

He didn’t hold back in condemning conservatives attacking Swift, asserting, “If you’re screaming at Taylor Swift saying she ruined … you’re just a loser. You’re just a loser or a jackass. You can be A or B. One of the two.”

Despite the controversy, Swift and Kelce have remained resilient.

Swift’s upcoming Eras Tour concert in Tokyo, Japan, the night before Super Bowl LVIII, hasn’t deterred her from planning to attend the biggest game of the year.

The pair’s high-profile relationship has contributed to a reported $330+ million bump in “brand value” for the Chiefs and the NFL.

As the Super Bowl showdown in Las Vegas approaches, the discourse surrounding Taylor Swift’s influence on the NFL will only continue to grow.

Who will be next to offer their two cents on the pop star?

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