Cardi B is ready for her Housewives debut!

Cardi B would truly be the ultimate Real Housewives star if you really think about it. She juggles a fabulous life as a wife, a mother, and a boss. Most importantly, she’s reality TV gold and has the track record to prove it. Cardi knows how to be shady and speak her peace. It’s no wonder that Andy Cohen invited her to the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse this week. She didn’t even need a co-star — Cardi’s enough entertainment on her own.

Cardi B appeared solo on WWHL to discuss her career, life, and Bravo drama. Andy couldn’t resist asking the hip-hop star to give the audience a taste of her dream Real Housewives tagline. Cardi B was more than ready to perform for the cameras and gave the fans a star-worthy tagline to ponder.

Cardi B literally wanted to pose like she was in a Real Housewives intro on WWHL, but she ended up delivering her dream tagline from her seat (with plenty of attitude.) “The only thing I throw harder than mics is shade,” she proclaimed. Now, that’s a mic-drop tagline if I’ve ever heard one. Thankfully, WWHL reposted the clip to Twitter for us to play on repeat for the next few days and live in a fantasy where Cardi B is somehow a Real Housewives star.

The WWHL audience went nuts for the rapper’s undeniably messy tagline. Only she would reference the controversy involving her chucking a microphone into the audience at a fan who allegedly threw something at her in a reality TV tagline. Even Andy couldn’t deny that it was completely iconic. “Well done,” he replied. “Open invitation. You pick the franchise and you’re in.” Let’s get Cardi B on Bravo, ASAP. I don’t care how big of a check the network has to cut her to give her an apple, a peach, a diamond, or whatever she wants really. Give them all to her — seriously, whatever it takes.

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