Are these outfits too risque for sweet Selena Gomez? Star debuts racy on-stage looks ‎

Last night, Selena Gomez’s new, ever-so-slightly provocative wardrobe debuted in New York, to the delight of her admirers.

Selena Gomez's Hottest Stage Looks (Gallery)

Sexy: Tonight's shimmering outfit was a winner and sure to please boyfriend BieberWith her band The Scene, the petite brunette performed songs from her album When the Sun Goes Down.

Sexy: Tonight's shimmering outfit was a winner and sure to please boyfriend BieberAnd the belly dancer’s outfit received a contemporary update from the 19-year-old, which had an eerily post-watershed quality.Obviously, she is 19 years old, and a crop top is not uncommon for a teen pop sensation (recall Britney at 16).

However, Selena’s unassuming beauty still makes the new look somewhat startling.

New look: It's Selena but not as we know herThe star, who is in a relationship with the equally good-natured Justin Bieber, 17, appeared stunning in the harem pants in sparkling purple, a silver hooded top, and sneakers.

Despite this, the ensemble was peculiar, consisting of fifty percent a club dancer and fifty percent a teenager on the street.

Rock star: Selena is pushing a new styleTonight, in Clarkston, Michigan, she furthered her transition from the suburban to the seductive by donning a gold basque accompanied by a pelmet skirt that was almost invisible and featured a dramatic train.Both ensembles are more daring selections from Gomez, who has designed her booth to resemble a daring and audacious version of her previous persona.

The motif persisted with skimpy, glitter-laden dresses that once more represented a radical departure from the conservative attire she has worn on previous tours.Clearly, the Disney star believes it is time for her to mature, as she recently disclosed to Glamour magazine that she feels pressure to conform.

The Scene: Selena and her bandThe actress replied to the magazine’s inquiry regarding the challenges of being young and a Hollywood star by saying, “You do feel pressure to conform and to earn the favor of others.” I make every effort to be a good person and to achieve my full potential.She develops close friendships with her recent Monte Carlo co-stars, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy, whom she considers to be her peers.

“Because they are older and have experience producing films, I was apprehensive and intimidated, but they were the most ideal companions with whom I could have been paired!” I felt so cherished that they took me under their wing.

Racy lacy: Selena gave her hint of her new direction at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, where she and her boyfriend both won awardsThe lyrics of Selena’s new album’s platinum-selling single Who Says read, “Who says you lack star potential?” And the actress concedes that she can relate, having on multiple occasions been told the same thing.

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