After Taylor Swift, who has the ability to bring ‘mountains of money’ to Singapore? 👇

The media predicts that Beyoncé, BTS, Adele and Ariana Grande are names that Singapore may consider inviting to perform.

According to The Straits Times , after a series of sold-out performances by Taylor Swift and hit music shows by Coldplay and Ed Sheeran, Singapore will be the destination for Bruno Mars, IU and ITZY with concerts set to take place in April.

A series of concerts by international artists contributes to the economic growth of the lion island nation. Economists estimate that just 6 nights of The Eras Tour in February alone contributed up to 500 million SGD (equivalent to 372 million USD ) in tourist revenue.

Faced with many available potentials, CNA believes that the Singapore government and music show organizers may negotiate to invite more foreign artists in the near future. The newspaper lists some of the names with the most potential.


“If we say the artist has the ability to become the next ‘golden egg laying hen’ for Singapore, it is definitely Beyoncé. The Grammy Award-winning superstar is one of the most successful singers in the world and continuously releases albums. is highly appreciated by critics. Her latest album – Cowboy Carter – was released on March 29, receiving 8.4 points from the fastidious music site Pitchfork ,” CNA wrote.

Last year, in addition to The Eras Tour, the Renaissance World Tour of the “queen bee” also created strong attraction. Despite only holding 56 shows across North America and Europe, the Renaissance World Tour is one of the highest-grossing tours of all time – grossing more than $579 million .

Fans hope Beyoncé holds a concert in Singapore. Photo: NBC News.

According to the New York Times , Renaissance World Tour has generated about 4.5 billion USD for the US economy. Imagine, somehow, if Singapore were to invite Jay-Z’s wife, the economic value she would bring to this country would also be a “huge” number. “People all over the world will flock to Singapore to see Beyoncé,” CNA wrote.

It’s been 15 years since Beyoncé performed at the F1 Rocks At Fort Canning (Singapore) concert in 2009, and therefore, the Beyhive – the Beyoncé fan community – in Asia is showing a thirst for the singer. They hope the idol will soon hold an exclusive show at this place.


The BTS group is serving in the military but their popularity has not cooled down at all. Projects with the participation of BTS members, for example V in IU’s MV Love Wins All or J-Hope’s just released album, Hope On The Street Vol.1, are proof of their heat and popularity. The lasting reputation of this boyband.

BTS is scheduled to reunite in 2025. The last time BTS sang in Singapore and Southeast Asia was in 2019. Therefore, ARMY – BTS’s fan community – must be missing them very much.

In addition to the organizers, businesses in Singapore will also benefit greatly if they receive a nod from BTS. According to CNA , after the friendship bracelet fever at The Eras Tour, the “borahae” trend (a phrase created by V with the meaning that purple is the last color of the rainbow) is expected to cover the lion island nation. through anything purple.

BTS has the ability to perform in Singapore, but singing exclusively for this country is not feasible. Photo: Lifestyleasia.

But the prospect of BTS only performing exclusively in Singapore in Southeast Asia is unlikely. Because after the story of the country’s government spending about 2.7 million USD to monopolize Taylor Swift, neighboring countries expressed anger. Furthermore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand are recorded to have the highest percentage of BTS fans in the world, so the possibility of the group appearing in the above countries is not impossible.

Adele or Ariana Grande

For some reason, Adele has never performed in Singapore or Asia. That puts her at the top of the list of most desired artists. “Imagine Singapore convincing the ‘British nightingale’ to hold its first show in Asia, everything would be extremely special and grand,” CNA commented.

Recently, Adele has been busy with Las Vegas’ Weekends With Adele – a regular show at the Colosseum stage at Caesars Palace Hotel (Las Vegas). The shows are elaborately and warmly staged. The female singer’s powerful voice has delighted fans.

Adele is a name that Singapore may be considering. Photo: Grazia Daily.

In CNA ‘s prediction list there is also Ariana Grande. Similar to Beyoncé, Grande’s last show in Singapore was at the F1 concert many years ago. In addition, it has been more than 5 years since she held a concert, so this is the right time for the owner of the hit 7 Rings to return.

Grande has an impressive track record when it comes to money-making concerts. Sweetener World Tour 2019 is her highest-grossing tour ever – reaching more than 146 million USD from North America and Europe alone.

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