‘After Jay Z lets get Oprah’: Beyonce ABANDONS Jay Z After FBI Looks Into Him | Beyonce Is Scared…

The streets are saying that Beyonce done packed her stuff and packed her kids, and dipped away from Jay Z.

This isn’t all that surprising because there have been rumors that their marriage is on it’s last leg and is barely hanging on by a thread.
This is an interesting turn of events because their marriage has always been allegedly a business transaction, and the only reason they have stayed together so long is that it financially made sense for them to be together rather than apart.

It seems that there are rumors circulating about Beyoncé potentially leaving Jay-Z due to their marriage being on rocky ground.

Allegedly, their relationship has been more of a business transaction than a genuine partnership, primarily focused on financial gain and maintaining their status as a power couple in Hollywood.

Reports suggest that Beyoncé has been gradually distancing herself from Jay-Z for some time now, even though they may still appear together publicly.

The speculation goes further, indicating that Jay-Z might be facing legal troubles similar to those currently affecting Diddy. There are allegations of past misconduct, including violence towards women, involving both Jay-Z and Diddy.

These rumors have caught the attention of federal investigators, who have reportedly been building cases against them for years.

The recent scrutiny on Diddy by Homeland Security has heightened concerns, as it suggests that investigations into other high-profile figures like Jay-Z are also underway.

This situation has allegedly put Beyoncé in a precarious position, as she risks not only her marriage but also her reputation and investments. Some sources suggest that Beyoncé may be considering divorce if Jay-Z’s involvement in illicit activities is proven true.

In summary, the streets are abuzz with speculation about Beyoncé potentially leaving Jay-Z amidst rumors of legal troubles and misconduct. The future of their marriage remains uncertain as the investigations unfold.

Jay-Z really laid all of his cards on the table with his most recent album 4:44.

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