🔥🌟 Seleпa Gomez’s Stυппiпg ‘Goldeп Glazed Fire’ Nails Set the 2023 VMAs Ablaze! See Her Dazzliпg Look!

Selena Gomez, the multitalented artist renowned for her acting, singing, and iconic Rare Beauty line, is a trendsetter in numerous spheres. Among her many influences, her prowess in nail art stands out prominently.

Known for an array of nail looks, Selena Gomez, accompanied by her nail artist Tom Bachik, consistently delivers inspiring and striking designs. Each creation sets the bar higher, captivating fans and beauty enthusiasts alike, urging them to recreate these designs themselves.

Among her impressive catalog of nail styles, her nail art showcased at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards takes center stage. Coined as the “golden glazed fire mani” by Bachik, this design combines sophistication with an autumnal touch, diverging from typical summer nail trends like glazed and mirror chrome nails.

selena gomez manicure nails VMAs

Selena Gomez

selena gomez VMAs red chrome nails manicure

In an Instagram post, Bachik detailed the process behind Gomez’s show-stopping nails. He employed the Tweezerman x Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set for flawless preparation, using full-coverage tips shaped into a long tapered square.

The key to the fiery hue? PLA Nails’ vegan and cruelty-free polish in Chai and Chai Again, perfectly complementing Gomez’s red-hot halter Oscar de la Renta gown. This choice accentuated her look, reminiscent of the dancing-woman emoji.

Gestos de Selena Gomez en los VMA la vuelven viral

Applying two coats of the Chai-inspired polish, Bachik enhanced the look with a golden glaze, igniting the fiery appeal. A final touch of PLA Nails’ No Wipe Top Coat ensured a dazzling finish, spotlighting the elegance of Gomez’s nails throughout the evening.

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Inspired to rock the “golden glazed fire” nails yourself? Embrace this trend using readily available, non-gel nail polish options to recreate Gomez’s striking look effortlessly.

This guide opens the door for all to explore and create, allowing a touch of Selena’s glamour to grace your fingertips. Discover below some of our recommended non-professional nail polishes to dive into this fiery trend.

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